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OCTEC Jobs Victoria will help you find and secure work with our supportive and friendly mentors.

We provide support for long term jobseekers to secure employment with a tailored approach specific to the needs of each individual and their potential barriers to finding a job.

It’s not just about getting into a job, we want to hear your aspirations and support you in following your dreams of a career. We know you might not get your dream job straight away, but we will guide you through gaining employment and then working towards your dream job and career.

" The warmth, care and compassion shown to me by OCTEC staff helped me build my confidence back up and this helped me gain and keep my work for 6 months so far.  They’ve really helped when it counted most "


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What Our Customers Are Saying


Great company to deal with and great people. Definitely recognised what I needed and delivered.


OCTEC has been helpful in supporting me not only by helping me gain new skills and encouraging me when I was disheartened, but also helped with the paperwork and practical things I have needd to start and continue my employment. 


Without the support and nurturing throughout my journey from my mentor, I would not have gotten through the past months.