Supporting long-term unemployed in the City of Brimbank

About Jobs Victoria

Jobs Victoria is an effective and proven program supporting long-term unemployed Victorian jobseekers to find and secure a job. The key features of this program are:

  • Voluntary participation
  • Focus on assisting long-term unemployed jobseekers
  • Flexible, outcome-focussed support
  • Strong employer engagement
  • Collaborative local delivery

About OCTEC Limited

Established in 1976, OCTEC Limited has been operating for over 40 years and is a leader in assisting people and their communities to provide early pathways to employment, and to help individuals adjust to changing employment conditions.

To do this, much of the focus of OCTEC programs is on vocational education and training, disability support and employment services. A key to the success achieved by OCTEC has been tailoring training and support to individual needs and local circumstances. This has required OCTEC to continuously evolve as an organisation over the 40 years of our existence.

OCTEC In The Community

OCTEC is a proud Jobs Victoria Mentoring Services partner. Our team has proven success in supporting people find stable employment.

Our Mentors personalise your job search experience, working to your strengths and assisting with challenges that may have made it harder for you to find a job or an employee. Ensuring you’re matched to a situation to suit is the ultimate goal.

Learn more about how we assist jobseekers, employers and communities by visiting our parent website.