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Are you Eligible?

As a Jobs Victoria Partner, OCTEC Limited is able to assist Victorian jobseekers who are either long-term unemployed for 12 months or more or are at risk of long-term unemployment due to barriers including:
  • No skills
  • Low English
  • Lack of work experience
  • Lack of knowledge to search for jobs
  • Low or no confidence
  • Personal circumstances that affect maintaining employment
  • No digital literacy

To be eligible you need to be:

  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident or temporary resident seeking asylum
  • A resident of Victoria
  • Long-term unemployed for 12 months or longer
You don’t have to be referred from Centrelink to access our services.

We provide support

The OCTEC and Jobs Victoria Partnership will help you find and secure work with our supportive and friendly mentors.

We provide support for long term jobseekers to secure employment with a tailored approach specific to the needs of each individual and their potential barriers to finding a job.

It’s not just about getting into a job, we want to hear your aspirations and support you in following your dreams of a career. We know you might not get your dream job straight away, but we will guide you through gaining employment and then working towards your dream job and career.

Our Commitment to You

  • We respect and believe in you
  • We will be honest with you
  • We will stick with you
  • We will connect you with community services
  • We care about your health and well-being
  • We respect your privacy


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